I’ll have to start by laying stress on the fact that Cricket is the one sport in India which is undeniably the most played, most watched and debatably most loved. That being said, one has to wonder as to why other sports haven’t picked up and reached the same level of popularity as cricket. One would immediately say Sponsorships! Well, sadly, money does play a crucial part in the growth and sustenance of a sport. But what does this mean? Simply put, no money implies poor facilities which in turn means the inability to give world class training.

If you look at the last 20-30 years India has become known as a force to reckon with in the arena of cricket with their brilliant performances and commitment to the sport. With global recognition followed sponsorships and great opportunities. In recent years India has played host for the Cricket World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the Hockey World Cup to name a few major events. While we seem to be moving in a favourable direction, when it comes to development across sports, we are still dealing with sub standard infrastructure in a majority of sports played in the country. At a certain level we have managed to provide decent infrastructure for cricket, tennis, badminton, golf and football but that’s nowhere close to being justified for a country with a land mass as huge as ours and that too being so populated.

If you ask children what the national sport of India is then one shouldn’t be surprised to hear the word “Cricket” from them. The national sport is Hockey and for this very sport we haven’t managed infrastructure that is half decent. It should be a matter of great disappointment but it went unnoticed for a long time due the overpowering popularity of cricket. Football is a sport that people across age groups love and follow in India today; primarily in Kerala, West Bengal and the North East. In affluent circles in metros it was known to be a thing to follow league football but now it’s a more widespread sport played as well as followed by the youth. One of the major factors for us not producing a team which can qualify for the World Cup is poor infrastructure. At most levels we play football on uneven grounds with rocks or loose soil, many a times without proper gear, and also mostly without proper guidance and coaching

We, A Team Sports & Events, have made it our life’s mission to not just provide great facilities to players but to also help build great infrastructure for sports in the country and help various venues crop up and be managed efficiently. Sports in our country, especially football, is at a very important juncture and we see the need to be a pillar in these vital years and reinforce the foundation of sports in India, Sports infrastructure needs to be improved not just at the club level but also at the school and community level. We need to help device ways to make these venues commercially viable wherever possible. We also need to help fill the gaps where there is a lack of guidance and expertise.