You’ve definitely either played cricket at some point in your life so far or you’re aware of a few people who’ve played cricket, not necessarily at a professional level. In your younger days it was almost a given that, if you’re a boy, then you just tried your hand at cricket. This is almost true for a lot of people. Cricket was just the easiest sport to pick and there was some form of access to a pool of players either in your neighbourhood or at school or somewhere else!

Now, when I look back, I realise even more that cricket never really helped with keeping me fit but the whole idea of regularly playing the sport, either on weekends or on certain weekday evenings, was still attributing to some kind of sport fulfilment and was an activity which helped in overall development.

I was a gifted batsman and my childhood days were a lot of fun due to the importance my friends gave me when it came to cricket. This taught me a few things…

In college, I just naturally lead my class to a march against a certain injustice which was grave at that time. I didn’t find it tough to figure out the ways and means to organise it. Also, I managed to get great support and everyone believed in my views and more importantly, they believed that I will lead them well to achieve what we had set out for. (Leadership)

Towards the end of the third year itself I had shortlisted a few schools for higher education and I had a very clear plan on zeroing in on course as well as a college with a plan B and a plan C. This is a decision that most people even in their fourth year are struggling with. (Decision Making)

While I started working, I was a technical resource at a leading bank in the US. I didn’t enjoy my job at the beginning but it slowly grew on me. My manager loved my commitment to achieve targets and meet deadlines. I would put in the extra effort and always prepare well for any delivery. (Commitment, Preparation and being Goal Oriented)

I rose the ranks and grew to a high managerial post as the years went by. When my team was having a rough day or when someone was slacking, I had the uncanny ability to have a chat with them and help them straighten their head out and get back on track. I firmly believe that there is only so much one can do individually, the real power is in a team. I not only got them to work as a team and support each other but also motivated and inspired each one of them to do their best. There are times when the best efforts put in by an individual are just not enough to achieve certain results, but knowing that you did your best is what counts. (Teamwork, Motivate and Inspire People)

What you might have noticed is that the qualities that have helped me at various junctures in my life are mainly because of what sports taught me.

Now, in my forties, I am not the fittest person, and sadly, cricket really is the only sport that I follow. My love for cricket will never die and my chances of playing a proper game of cricket in a full sized ground, even if it were with a hard tennis ball, are pretty slim. What’s the next best alternative – box cricket. All of a sudden, one can book a pitch and show up with a handful of friends and start playing cricket like childhood sprung back. No fear of having to run and get the ball in an oversized field, no worry of having to find a huge group of players and lastly no stress of finding a pitch or the equipment to play.

This is how my tryst with A-Team started. We’ve been regulars here and play a few games of box cricket every Sunday for a couple of hours. It’s brought back not just the child-like enthusiasm but also a welcome change in my otherwise mundane life.