Nutritious food is the need of the hour

In a day and age where technology is making things easy and making us lazy, one has no choice but to eat right to stay fit. Apart of being active diet is of paramount importance. We thought we’d share some of our food ideas with you. These recommendations are purely from personal experience and curious reading.

High performance depends on good eating habits. High protein, vitamins and fibre enhance performance.

Eat right > Ply a sport or two > Stay fit > Live a long healthy life!

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The role played by Sports Infrastructure in India

I’ll have to start by laying stress on the fact that Cricket is the one sport in India which is undeniably the most played, most watched and debatably most loved. That being said, one has to wonder as to why other sports haven’t picked up and reached the same level of popularity as cricket. One would immediately say Sponsorships! Well, sadly, money does play a crucial part in the growth and sustenance of a sport. But what does this mean? Simply put, no money implies poor facilities which in turn means the inability to give world class training.

If you look at the last 20-30 years India has become known as a force to reckon with in the arena of cricket with their brilliant performances and commitment to the sport. With global recognition followed sponsorships and great opportunities. In recent years India has played host for the Cricket World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the Hockey World Cup to name a few major events. While we seem to be moving in a favourable direction, when it comes to development across sports, we are still dealing with sub standard infrastructure in a majority of sports played in the country. At a certain level we have managed to provide decent infrastructure for cricket, tennis, badminton, golf and football but that’s nowhere close to being justified for a country with a land mass as huge as ours and that too being so populated.

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Impact of sports in the overall growth of children

It’s no secret that being involved in sports has a direct correlation to psychological development and growth. Sports also contribute in the social and moral growth of a child. Not only do sports help children be physically fit and active but they also instil key values such as teamwork, adherence to rules, honesty, leadership, planning and sportsman spirit to name a few. Sports prepare children to face the big bad competitive world and also teach them how to cope with victory and defeat. Sports make you fight for a common goal alongside individuals you may or may not have known for a while; this is one of the many learnings which can mould you and prepare you to fight for the greater good in life and ignore the petty differences which are nothing more than water under the bridge.

When you look outside your window, do you see a lot of kids playing anymore?

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Nurturing Sporting Skills in your Child

While some kids may show signs of a young athlete, others may just be testing the waters trying to assess if they love outdoor sports. For parents who intend to encourage an already innate passion, or wish to spark some interest in sports, here are a few ways to motivate them to include sports into their lives–
1. Making Sports Fun
2. Give Importance to the Effort not the Outcome
3. Explore Different Sports

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The Cultural and Economic Impact of FIFA on India and the World

Typically, hosting mega events such as the FIFA World Cup has been a privilege assigned only to developed nations. However, since 2008, a number of developing nations around the world have been able to obtain the rights to host global competitions. After China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, India was host to the Common Wealth Games in 2010. This year, Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is perceived to be a positive step for developing nations. However, some speculations highlight concerns towards the real benefits and expenses associated with these events.

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Sports Camps to Improve your Game

It is conventionally believed that sports camps are only for school going children who are expected to meet their daily requirement of moderate to vigorous daily physical activity. Fortunately for adults who are sporting enthusiasts, also looking for a set-up that...

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Sports – How Culture Impacts your Choices

If you sit back and analyze different cultures, it won’t take you long to recognize a pattern many of them follow when it comes to sporting choices they make. Some religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds influence the physical activity they choose to pursue. For...

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Organizing your Next Corporate Event

Spot events not only offer a chance to test one’s sporting artistry in a competitive environment, but it encourages people to come together in the spirit of the team by finding a common ground. As a nation we tend to love sports. Organizing a corporate sporting event...

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Building the Right Infrastructure for Sporting Events

With every disappointing performance of India at the Olympics, there are talks on the lack of sporting culture in our country. The absence of world-class infrastructure is often attributed as the number one reason behind our terrible performance. On the other hand,...

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